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 How To Fix Wireless Usb Network Card Not Working

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How To Fix Wireless Usb Network Card Not Working Empty
PostSubject: How To Fix Wireless Usb Network Card Not Working   How To Fix Wireless Usb Network Card Not Working I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 10, 2011 3:40 pm

If you use a wireless USB network adapter to access the network, probably you have met such problems before: the adapter has already been installed in the computer, and the system has recognized it, at the same time there is a message on the screen tells that its driver is installing, but when the installation is complete, you find that your wireless network card can not work and you wonder how to fix it.

As a matter of fact, if you check this problem carefully, you will find the USB port feature on your motherboard has been successfully enabled since your computer recognizes this card, also the computer USB port and the network card USB interface have no problem. Obviously, it is the improper installation of your adapter driver leading to this error.

Generally you need to install or update the relevant USB controller program for the first time to use the computer USB port. Therefore, you can open the Device Manager (Start / Control Panel / System / Hardware / Device Manager), double-click Universal Serial Bus Controllers, right-click the related controller and select Update Driver to keep its driver up to date.

If the approach above fails, and then you can check whether the network card driver has been installed correctly, for the installation of some wireless USB network adapters is different from that of the normal ones: you need to firstly install their drivers, next plug the card into the computer, and then system will configure and install them automatically, if the order is wrong, it would also easily make your card unable to work.

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How To Fix Wireless Usb Network Card Not Working
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