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 Why You may need a Performance Exhaust.

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Why You may need a Performance Exhaust. Empty
PostSubject: Why You may need a Performance Exhaust.   Why You may need a Performance Exhaust. I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 18, 2011 2:52 pm

To confirm car manufacturers meet the expectations from the mainstream customer, many associated with today's cars leave a factory with low-velocity, ultra-quiet use up all your systems. As a final result, exhaust flow (along by means of power and torque) is fixed. But our performance tire out systems release this stranglehold onto your engine. By using patented technology to further improve exhaust flow velocity, our exhausts systems unleash the strength and optimize your new or used cars performance.
What's more, you certainly will gain a non-raspy eye-catching euro exhaust note. And even while stock exhaust systems usually discolor and lose ones own showroom appearance quickly, our systems ads fine motorsport styling with your vehicle, designed to survive years of heavy usage. Precision manufacturing using aircraft quality T-304 stainless-steel prevents corrosion, and continues your exhaust system wanting new. Each system includes an assortment of trademark engineering enhancements. This includes ultra-smooth mandrel bends pertaining to maximum flow and electricity.
Sport Exhaust Systems:
If you are anticipating modifying you VW/Audi regarding better performance, the exhaust system need to be the first step. A good sport exhaust will give you more power your money can buy than any other modification it is possible to consider. Plus, a sport exhaust makes your automobile sound that much superior. Usually, both horsepower and mileage heighten when you upgrade that exhaust.
Note: Failure to evolve the exhaust before building other performance modifications will be able to hurt performance. Some cam and chip upgrades just you should not work properly without changing the exhaust system.
The cast iron parallel outlet manifold lasts and lasts it is quieter than a tubular header. Most often, your stock cast iron exhaust manifold as well as a cast euro-manifold will deliver excellent results when used with a Techtonics Tuned downpipe or simply euro-downpipe and sport tire out system. (The exceptions to this fact are the '82 & together Scirocco, '83-'84 GTI/GLI particular outlet manifolds. ) The difference in power output concerning the best headers and this stock or euro-manifold/Techtonics Tuned downpipe combination is very small.
Techtonics Tuning is known for a downpipe for use for the early VW's with commodity catalytic converters. A direct replacement on early cars having a stock dual outlet manifold or cars that had been fitted with the double outlet manifold, this downpipe will "keep you will legal" while adding pertaining to 8% more horsepower to somewhat of a stock motor. Something else to take into consideration: Due to the rocking motion from the transverse mounted engine, it is difficult carryout a header that will blockage well. Tubular headers just do not last usually.
BBM is very pleased to offer you Techtonics Tuned Exhaust for your earlier VW's. This system doesn't make all the "advertised" horsepower as much of our competitors claim their's may. However, in terms of "real" dyno subjected to testing power Techtonics Tuning systems contain the competition marking their text.
Another plus for that TECHTONICS TUNED exhaust is that every parts for the system can be obtained separately. How do they fit? With more than 20 years of refinement TT systems fit as cool as the competitions. All systems have a resonator and a muffler to dampen over harsh sound levels.
Stainless-steel Exhaust Systems:
Simply the top fitting and longest lasting exhaust system readily available for your VW. With over 20 ages of refinement and upgrading we can offer a * Confined Lifetime Warranty on all chrome steel cat back exhaust devices. Our latest systems come from 304 stainless steel. This can include the tubing, clamps, resonator, and even muffler. Perfect for "salt belt" dwellers. Nobody provides you the options that TT features. You can choose a sound level by ordering the system with 0, 1 or 2 resonators (available to the Mk2, Mk3, Passat 16V & Corrado G-60).
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Why You may need a Performance Exhaust.
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