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 History for the Photocopier Machine.

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History for the Photocopier Machine. Empty
PostSubject: History for the Photocopier Machine.   History for the Photocopier Machine. I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 11, 2011 1:27 pm

Invention for the Photocopier
A patent attorney termed Chester Carlson invented a task called electro photography in October 1937 that has been then renamed to Xerography throughout 1938. The '10-22-38 Astoria' was the most important known photocopy. The Xerography copying processes become about the most well known inventions within the 20th century. Carlson became wealthy from invention and created a fresh billion dollar industry along with received world acclaim. About Carlson gave away almost $100 million of his earnings to charity along with foundations before his loss of life in 1968.
Development regarding Xerography
Ten years after Carlson’ s Xerography innovation, he found a company to adopt it on called Any Haloid. The Haloid were an exciting new York based photo-paper manufacturer and so they later on became Xerox Firm.
The First Office Photo copier
Who invented Xerox photocopiers? In 1955 Haloid Xerox produced the most important automated xerographic machine termed Copyflo. By 1958 the most important true office copier seemed to be produced. Twenty two years following a electro photography, the earliest ever commercial push button photocopier machine called any 914 was introduced.
Fun for Xerox
In a couple of years, Haliod Xerox income improved from 2 million with 1960 to over 22 million by 1963, in which became a phenomenal being successful.
In 1961 Haliod Xerox became Xerox and your stock was listed around the New York Stock swapping. The success grew from 914 as Xerox introduced 24 services after 20 years.
Evolving Market
The Xerox domination after changed when new manufacturers changed what everybody knew as a Xerox machine towards a 'photocopier' and it was the latest beginning for the greatest marketing battle of the 20th century.
As early as 1955 Ricoh were emerging being a potential competitor for Xerox along with developed the RiCopy a single Diazo copier. In 1975 Ricoh acquired developed a prize receiving copier called RiCopy DT 1200. Brands that include Minolta, Panasonic, Toshiba, Rule, Konica and of course Sharp begun to produce small office copiers, which became a massive challenge in completion for Xerox’ s domination in the flooring buisingess copier market.
Copiers In these days
Today, Xerox continues to be one of many world’ s leaders on the copier market along using Sharp and Konica Minolta. Most recently, copier machines provide beyond just copy. They can now print, fax, scan in addition to send out emails. This has become most effective save money on office equipment and has now also provided businesses with additional office space, where before they would frequently have had separate machines which include printers, fax machines and also scanners.
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History for the Photocopier Machine.
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